Support for Linux's Access Control Lists (ACL) and Extended User Attributes

Does duplicati back up and restore (on Linux systems) Access Control Lists (ACL) and Extended User Attributes?

Why this is important to me:

While I personally don’t make use of extended user attributes, I sometimes use ACLs when the default Linux file permissions system isn’t granular enough for my needs.

Since I personally use ACLs to add access rather than to block access, the worst that would happen for me if ACLs weren’t preserved on restore would be someone losing access to some files.

However, in installations that use ACLs to block access, losing ACLs on restore would allow unauthorized access to some files.

If ACLs and extended attributes are supported, are they backed up and restored by default or do I have to specify an option?


I don’t know that this has ever been explicitly answered, and unfortunately I’m not the one to do so. However, I suspect @kees-z or @Pectojin might have some insight.

Note that it might vary depending on the version of Duplicati in use, so keep that in mind as well. :slight_smile: