Summary of backup'ed files in Duplicati

Is there a way to find which files have been backuped by session ? I can see the log, but there isn’t this detail.

Thank you !

The COMPARE command might do what you want. IIRC you may need –full-result to show all the changes.

The FIND command could find all the files in the backup (including unchanged ones) if that’s what you want.

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Excellent, thank you very much. I think it was accessible through WebUi, but the command line does perfectly the job.
I’m actually evaluating Duplicati and… it is far beyond my expectations. So i’m watching carefully what is backup’ed of what it is not (got some filters, a specific number of backups to keep and so on).
This is why a full log is really helpfull at the moment :slight_smile:

Opinion on filters is here. Basically I think the different syntaxes are easily confused, and those who read the documentation get tripped up by the helpful-but-thinly-documented GUI input made for those who didn’t read Filters. If you read it, use GUI filters three-dot menu to see what it made after translation of dropdown choice. The TEST-FILTERS command seems to work from a command prompt. I’m less sure about Commandline.

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