Suggestions for a disk image backup utility for Linux

I currently use dd command to create disk images. Once the image is created I use PiShrink to shrink the image and then I compress the resulting image to 7z.

Even though all this may be too much to expect from an available software, is there any backup software out there that has a nice web interface like Duplicati?

I’ve added this as a run-script-before-required parameter so that image is created and handed over to Duplicati to backup the image to a server. So, right now, if I want to run an image back, I trigger the corresponding Duplicati job, but it gives me no other info (which is expected).

On second thought, I can live with it.

I realised that creating image backup took just about 15 minutes, and shrinking and removing 10 GB from the backup image took just 1. 7zipping took about 3 hours!.

I removed the zipping part and now the image backup + shrinking just adds 20 minutes before the backup starts. I can definitely live with that.

I can’t really tell but are you not running this with cron job or something? I get the feeling like there’s too much hands on here.

But, yes, attempting to compress for size definitely should be removed from the equation for speed reasons.

You might also in theory move to btrfs instead of what you use now as it has snapshots built directly into it eg How to Backup Btrfs Snapshots to External Drives and that may or may not be faster. I’ve never used btrfs and like me you just might not care to ever use it. But, this seems like a high enough priority for you that you might want to test that and decide.