Suggestion to add whatever cloud service gives the most free storage is only temporarily 50gb storage. it’s downgraded to 15gb after like a month.

there’s cloud storage services offering more free storage. it would be awesome if you supported at least one of them.

i don’t know who’s offering the most free storage. but mediafire for example gives up to 50gb free (you just have to refer yourself a bunch of times).

currently i’m rotating through new accounts every month to keep my stuff backed up for free, but wish i could use mediafire

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The first 75GB is free at ScaleWay.

75 GB or 150 GB?

I did read their documentation and it seems like it’s 75 GB of warm storage and 75 GB of cold storage.

Yeah their descriptions are pretty confusing. I think it’s 75GB total storage.

“75 GB Free Every Month
You get 75GB of free storage and external outgoing transfer on both Object Storage and C14 Cold Storage every month! For Object Storage’s Standard Class, the price charged above these 75 GB is €0.01/GB per month per volume stored, and €0.01/GB per volume transferred. In addition, transfer to and from other Scaleway products in the same region are completely free! You also don’t have any fees per API or console request. Your invoice is clear and without surprises.”