Suggested version closest to "set it and forget it"?

Hello! I believe I’ve decided on using (unless trials fail) Duplicati as our family’s remote backup solution. We are coming from CrashPlan Home using only shared computers, and this appears to be the closest similar software. I have a server at my place, and run a server sitting in a another family member’s place in another state as well. They back up to here, we back up to there.

I personally am fine with mucking around with various versions and debugging and the like, at least to some extent (I’m a Software QA Engineer and IT Consultant by trade). But it is backup software, and I don’t want to be constantly re-writing backups or not confident in the backups I have.

However, one member of the family is the extreme “something is different and I have no idea what to do and I hate computers” person. She won’t be the one setting up the backups, nor restoring them (I’ll visit and handle those uncommon events). But I need to know that it will just work, keep working, and have either her or I able to easily know for sure when it isn’t, so that I won’t need to constantly visit to make updates or adjustments all the time. (CrashPlan had e-mail alerts, and I could look at the backup percent complete status of her client on my server as well). Re-uploading the backup set for any reason would suck hard (multiple TB of mostly photos, which is her hobby in retirement and grows my gigs every time she goes out with her DSLR).

So, what Duplicati client version(s) should I be considering installing on her Mac system, and leaving to run in the background whenever she runs her system? She will also have a local Time Machine backup, so duplicati will be more of a disaster insurance plan than a normally restored from option. It seems that the version listed on the front site has some major bugs that have been fixed since, but without a newer version stable enough to be beta? Please advise!

There will soon be a new beta based on the current experimental. Start with the current experimental and move to the beta once available.

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Nice. I’ll probably wait for the beta for that and check out the experimental for mine once I have more time to mess with it. :slight_smile: