Successfully Restore but Destination folder disappears

I’ve tried to do this restore a couple times and the same thing has happened. I restore from duplicati backup by creating a folder on the desktop and telling Duplicati to put the contents there. Everything works fine but the folder I created disappears once the backup is done. If I create another folder with the same name on the desktop, it tells me it already exists. So it’s not completely removed. I just can’t find it. Any body have any idea what’s happening?

I wonder if Duplicati is applying the Hidden attribute to the folder. What happens if you change Explorer to show you hidden files? Do you see the folder that disappeared?

Good suggestion but I’ve already checked for that. I have hidden items enabled to show and the restore folders are still no where to be found.

Uncheck the “hide protected operating system files” option in Explorer to make sure it still isn’t hiding something.

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Bingo! That was the problem. Thanks very much.

Out of curiosity what folder did you restore to this location? Was it the root of a drive? I believe the drive root technically has the Hidden and System attributes set, which if you restored somewhere else Duplicati may dutifully set on the destination folder.

If that happens the folder will disappear from Explorer view unless you change the “hide protected operating system files” option.

It was a secondary drive that I restored but I noticed it included recycle bin items. Not sure why. That’s probably why it treated it like and OS file.

Hello there. I have create an account just to thank you.

Thank you.