Successful Backup but 0 Versions for restore available

So I’ve got a Hyper-V Server with two VMs running, a Domaincontroller and an Exchange Server. I made seperate backup jobs for both and the DC one is running perfectly fine, no errors or warnings. The Exchange job also runs successful but finishes with 4 warnings (3 times failed to process path and one failed to process metadata). Also on the backup jobs Duplicati shows the amount of backup data stored but shows 0 Versions available for restore. Is there something I need to do which I am not aware of when backing up Exchange servers? Note: Had no chance to try copying the files and backing them up without them being “used” by the VM yet.

Screenshot 2022-10-24 132002

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It’s odd that one VM is backing up OK and the other isn’t. Are there any differences besides usage?

I don’t know why an Exchange Server VM would have special needs. Do the VM’s files look similar?
What Are the New File Types in Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V VMs? is one description of suffixes.

VSS Writers and their Services has info allowing vssadmin list writers in VM to see what’s up.
What are the requirements for live backups of a Hyper-V Guest VM? and related links has other info
probably relevant to Duplicati’s VSS use as well (no guarantee), from a specialist backup company.

I think both backups should be using snapshot-policy=required, but I “think” warn you if that’s not so.
Because this uses VSS, Duplicati must be at least an elevated administrator, e.g. SYSTEM service.

You should get a better look at the warnings by watching with About → Show log → Live → Warning
(clicking on lines to expand them). Or you can set up a log-file=<path> to catch warnings and errors.

How many versions does Restore think there are? Did you get a job log? If so, look in Complete log
“BackupListCount” is the version count. You can also view <job> → Show log → Remote’s top lines.


would be a typical reverse-chronological ending with a dlist file listing the files in backup. Got one?
You could also look on the destination using a reverse-chronological sort or a name search for dlist.

If no dlist, then no backup. You could see About → Show log → Stored to look for any other failures.
Backups that don’t complete tend not to leave the usual results log, but may complain to server log.

Duplicati hyper-v has thoughts from another person, but I’m not sure there are any experts available.
Depending on how business-critical these systems are, Duplicati (still in Beta…) might be a poor fit.