Stuck on verifying to google drive

Running on Ubuntu 18.04. I ran a test backup of about 34GB. The copy seemed to work reasonably well (took about 3 hours) but then it got stuck on “Verifying Files” where it has been stuck for several days with no activity. The backup is listed under the restore menu, but no additional scheduled backups have been run since this one is “blocking” new ones. I don’t see any errors. The last entry in the backup log is “list”.

Any ideas of things I could check? Problems similar to this seem to be somewhat common but I didn’t see any other threads for google drive.

I’ve been getting a bunch of…strange errors the past couple of weeks myself. That, random 500 and 403 errors. Small backups are fine, larger ones do this.

Google Drive throws 403 errors occasionally. Not sure about 500. Is there any text after the number?
Are you at the point where things actually fail (which adds some risk), or just noticing retry attempts?

Starting after-the-fact might find little. If it becomes frequent, set up a log-file at log-file-log-level=retry.
You’ll at least be able to view the general shape, e.g. did it never start, or did it start then never finish?

There’s no logging of the lowest-level communications unless you want to try to catch it in Wireshark.

Both of you can check job’s Complete log value for RetryAttempts. A lot might signify some issue.
number-of-retries can be raised if retries are common, but that won’t help you if the error is a hang…

The incremental backups seemed to work just fine on that same backup set.

I’m running some fresh larger backups with logging turned on… we’ll see if that yields anything.

I also updated to Canary… maybe that was not prudent although it seems fine? That also required updating mono.

The mono requirement has only gone from 5.0.0 to 5.10.0 (as of Were you below 5.0.0 before?
I don’t know if that has any relevance to the issue though. but the issues of an old mono are a bit unknown.
Canary is unpredictable because it’s the latest code. Usually fixes outweigh new bugs, but no guarantee…