Stuck at version

I’m running on windows 10. When I go to about / check for updates I get “checking for updates” then it just displays “check for updates” link again. No error messages.

I tried downloading and installing this over vers. 2.042 but this totally bricked duplicati (thank goodness for system restore.

Any ideas?

Duplicati has separate versions for base (such as install from .msi) and updates. If you installed from .msi (unknown) then a check for updates would look for a newer experimental, and there isn’t one.

See Releases in GitHub or Releases in forum for that and for to changes (not very much because Experimental was a prerelease of Beta that time, so change was mostly very limited/specific).

The GUI could probably be improved. While I wouldn’t call lack of updates an error, this tool does better:

C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2>Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.exe check
No updates found

C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2>

Channels explains the concept generally.
Duplicati on Windows - two version numbers goes into lots of technical detail if you care for such things.
Settings in Duplicati shows how to find and set your Update Channel (default maybe now Experimental).
Getting information about your setup and Updating Duplicati may help. Note how they speak of channels.

Any details on that? I’ve seen .msi install sometimes wind up with missing files unless I uninstall old first. Uninstall won’t mess with your data, but install of beta might change your default channel to beta.

Ok thank you. when I installed from a fresh executable download in the same directory as 2.042 it added a new icon to my desktop but opening this produced no response at all. going to the duplicati URL in my browser just returned a site canot be reached error from the browser.

My preference is to run the most stable version, so I’ll plan to stay on my existing update channel.

I’m not sure what your existing update channel is. If your intent is Experimental, Beta is in theory more stable (although not nearly perfectly so). Avoid canary if you seek stability. The question, though, is on Duplicati’s launch (or perhaps its lack of launch). You can use Task Manager to see if you can see two Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe processes flashing by. If there’s no Duplicati, that explains why the browser can’t get there, then the job is to find what happened. Did you uninstall the old one first, as suggested? Looking in the Duplicati files area (for normal installs maybe C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Duplicati) could show what files (if any) temporarily-running Duplicati wrote. I think a crash can also leave a note.

Ok. I switched from default (experimental) to Beta (these titles are a little confusing) and it updated via the built in update feature just fine.

When I had installed 2.0.45 by executable clicking the new desktop icon did nothing and did not produce a tray icon. Only thing in that folder you mentioned is signature cache with .vol files.

Good for now though. Thank you.