Stuck at Recreating database... 90%


I reinstalled a clean version of Windows 10 after corrupting my MBR. After the install was complete the only thing I did was install Duplicati and initiate a full restore that was saved on an external disk 2 weeks ago. The file is 150gb, for the past few hours the restore is stuck “Running task: Recreating database” at approximately 90% complete. Is this to be expected? Is there something I can do to test if it stuck or actually working very slowly?

Beginners question, when the restore is complete, will I have to reinstall all the programs I originally had or will the restore take care of that?

I apologize if this has been covered previously, I could not find the answers in my searches.


I’ve had a similar issue where the recreation was stuck.
Go to About -> Show Log -> Live -> Profiling to view information of what Duplicati is doing, if anything.