Storing backups on offsite devices (syncing, compressing, etc.)

Hey everyone, I am trying to sync my backups to offsite devices. I am running into a few headaches having to do with the syncing software, the size of the backups, etc.

Can anyone give me a best practices for preparing these files for transferring over the internet?

For example…
Currently using Resillio Sync…anyone have a better option?
Can you zip some files together before they are transferred in order to simplify/compress the transfer process?


What is the target? Is it cloud storage? If so I would recommend rclone to do the sync. I would not complicate things by trying to repackage the Duplicati backup files - they are already compressed.

Hey, thanks for the reply. The target is an offsite drive, shared over the internet.

“Offsite drive” is a bit vague. If you can find out the type of protocol it uses, see if it’s supported by rclone:

By the way - welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Ha, didn’t mean to be vague, but I guess I was. I meant an external hard drive on another machine I have access to. I am backing up my computer and my parents’ computer. Both locations have an external hard drive where the backups will be stored locally, and then also synced over the internet to transfer the backups offsite.

I also have access to an office server that I can connect an external hard drive and connect to via VPN.

Oh ok… if you are running Windows on both sides and can access the remote drive via UNC path, then you might be able to just use robocopy. It’s a command-line utility included with Windows and you could set up a scheduled job using Windows Task Scheduler. I find it really powerful and reliable, but it does lack built in reporting options.

If you are looking for something with a GUI, then maybe check out Syncthing … I’ve heard good things about it but I haven’t used it myself yet. Syncthing supports lots of operating systems on the source and destination sides, and you don’t even need to use a VPN from what I understand.

Maybe some other people have alternative suggestions.