Stopping after current file

long-running backup (150GB)

suspend backup

  • need to stop the backup to shut down my laptop
  • clicked on stop after current file…
  • message in backup status window: “stopping after current file”
  • current file / progress indicator for the relevant backup suggests backup has stopped.

resume backup

  • click on resume btn
  • nothing happens
    – status bar (at top of screen) continues to display “stopping after current file”
    – current file / progress indicator likewise are not changing

Is there any way around this?

Short answer, not really.

You probably want to start by reading this thread on the subject of stopping, err rather not stopping…

So, ah, next time…just go out for a long walk and wait it out.

What finally happened with it? The popup describes it as:


which mentions uploads do have to finish, so upload speed matters, and if off-network it gets worse.
Assuming you’re still on-network (what’s destination storage type?), it should drain out and finish up.
It just did for me, multiple times, while I was also playing with pause button to see if that interfered…

Pause and resume are together on one button. Stop is a different thing. Normally you don’t intermix.

It’s a little hard to see when the file uploads finish, and I’m not certain if “in progress” means moving currently, or anything that’s been packaged up and is sitting in your temp folder in the upload queue, where some files of around the Remote volume size (default 50 MB) might have been ready to go.

OK, so I had a really large backup that ran for more than 12 hours and, because VSS is not the default setup, I had to choose between not using any files included in the source list or stopping the backup.

As noted above, you can’t stop a backup. Or more specifically, you can’t truly stop a backup with the expectation of restarting it. Because right now, I’ve been waiting for an hour while Duplicati displays a message “starting backup…”. and I know from past experience that it will

Honestly folks, this product has so many bugs that it’s really not usable in a production environment. It’s great that someone added 30-50 arcane options and support for nearly every cloud service, but if I have to recreate one of my backups from scratch once a month b/c the database is corrupted and non-recoverable, or backup segments are missing, or the backup just flakes out with no log file…then I’m struggling to understand how I can rely on the backups that are sitting on my server.

Simple and reliable trumps complex and unstable - any day of the week. This would be a truly great piece of software if the bugs were resolved.

Is beta software ever really suitable for usable in a production environment? That’s a rhetorical question…

Duplicati is in beta, it’s not finished, it has little to no polish but it’s really hard to beat the price and the included free volunteer support is pretty good most of the time :wink:

We need devs no two ways about it but the product does work, you just need to understand how to make it work in your environment. There are bugs but most of them have work-arounds. IMO a large portion of the issues seem to stem from out of date or unclear documentation that leads people to think something is something it’s not, like VSS will just works in a base install.

Many of us are here because even though Duplicati isn’t production ready ,we can see the potential and have hope for it in the future.

I’m sorry your experience hasn’t been what you had hoped for.

its UI has quite a lot of polish, it’s very good. Looks simple yes, but intuitive UI always do.

As noted above, you CAN. The question is what’s different among the few reports where one cannot?

Provide a small reproducible test case with a defined configuration that a developer can easily obtain. Possibly a volunteer will arise. If you know how to attract volunteers, please say. Please do not repel.
Venting on the forum tends not to contribute to the goal of resolving an issue. Working the issue may.

I don’t think other people are typically seeing stop failures like yours, but we can attempt to debug this apparently use-or-environment-dependent issue to narrow down what’s going on. Experts would help, however experts are scarce, so what happens is all that can happen, and the software is what it is, for whatever use it’s put to. The way to impact future development is to file a good Issue with what it asks.

Not quite right. A lot of those are contributed to answer specific wishes, sometimes by different people. Somebody who wants something enough and can code it will contribute it. That’s how stuff builds up…
You can sift through the pull requests and releases which credit the authors of the changes mentioned.

Aside from above-explained history which is now history, I’m not sure these are even much connected because they are different people, in different areas, changing different things. A new option often has limited effects on the overall picture that you complain about. Granted, interactions are not impossible.

It’s easier for someone to contribute a change in a limited area than to understand all of the code work, such as everything that happens during a backup. That needs a high level expert (even less available). Best possible code still has bugs, so there’s a debugging process needing information like i mentioned.

If it turns out to be reproducible on a small test, say exactly how. Someone here may try to reproduce it.
Same plan applies to anything else. Simply venting on the forum helps nothing, but hurts a lot of things.

Agree with comment from @Lerrissirrel and @gpatel-fr and actually yours, but how we get to this end?

One way to make that more possible is getting high quality bug reports, and I’m still asking you for them.

Agree on most of your points.

I think Duplicati is really designed for sys admins, who intuitively understand a lot of the finer points of setting it up.

My background includes js, java, dbms’ but not a lot of detailed sys admin stuff.

Updated docum would surely help, but I think the key issue (in my humble opinion) is that it’s better to add functionality/options on top of a stable platform. To some extent, I understand the options can add stability, but right now, there are far too many instances where I have to start from scratch (i.e. create a new backup) b/c Duplicati can’t gracefully recover from sth simple like Win sleep mode.

Maybe the answer is for the team to productize it and charge a reasonable license fee - there really isn’t much out there in the way of pure s/w - most biz models are really charging for the cloud services. Charging a license fee for just the software would be attractive to a lot of potential users.

Just my 2 cents.

This again has historical elements which are already set. I find any bring-your-own-storage to be hard compared to services where bundled storage is part of your fee. Storage flexibility is liked … by some.
There is a backlog of requests for more storage types, and some pull requests have contributed code. has breakdowns and shows that backups run about 6 million/year, with not every one having difficulties like yours, so why yours is worse would still be worth looking into, although this would need your help. If you don’t want to spend time on it, fine, but it may simply persist.

What’s there is what’s there until somebody volunteers to try to improve it. You’re talking to volunteers.
More would always be nice, and there are many many opportunities. Thanks to those who are helping.

That aside, it does take some effort to fathom the large flexibility that Duplicati provides. See this also:

Different ways to make a Duplicati backup is a similar many-paths concern that one might wrestle with. Sometimes one needs a command line to do things, but there are two, and it’s hard to know how to go. Database itself has pros and cons, and different database for different ways of use is very confusing…

So I agree it’s not the easiest thing, but it’s flexible. I don’t know if its flexibility hurts core stability much, which is basically your main complaint, I think. It’s sometimes worth talking likes/dislikes, so here goes.

Personally, I kind of like the UI compared to others I’ve seen, and some software can’t do VSS at all so avoid the how-to-configure problem that way. For me, Duplicati is nice. I also like low storage use from deduplication, good retention control, easy ability to itemize what I want backed up with one single job.

Some software does focus on simplicity. Backblaze has one that’s simple-setup, but lacks other things. What to use is really a personal choice. Use what fits you and that works adequately for your situation.

If DBMS means SQL, help is also needed, but as a developer you likely know that bug chasing is tough.

Volunteers needed. If you can write or do GitHub, have at it. This is a separate project, maintained here.

Others had the same idea, as evidenced by the first quote of old web site news, but “stable” is relative.

In the last year Duplicati 2.0 became more and more stable, but we also introduced some new features that were a bit shaky in the beginning.

GUI itself followed pure command-line. It attracts new users, who then find all the bugs missed before. There’s nothing like a growing increasingly diverse set of uses and environments to uncover problems.

Developers are sometimes not as good (or as motivated) to test for bugs as they are to lay down code. Without a team of testers (volunteers?) and a big lab (who’s buying?), bugs sadly are found in the field, where they are harder to get information on (I’m still trying), which is one reason they aren’t solved yet.

If you said Duplicati was an ambitious effort for one person to try in their spare time, I agree completely, however it does things no similar competitor can do. Providing a GUI at all puts it into a rare category…

To even think about mounting a project like this takes some optimism. Supports helps more than critics.
There’s not much point arguing about history and whether there was a better path. Its path was its path.

There are some other past and current efforts to commercialize backup software begun by a tiny team. Backblaze personal backup has some interesting stories to tell on how they grew and went public BUT:

Does Backblaze support Volume Shadow Copy? No, and it’s also working on a restore from local client:
Feature request: Backblaze 9.0 built-in-restore-download-manager

There are a couple of commercial GUI wrappers for restic who seem to want to stay CLI in short term. Duplicacy mostly-one-dev is trying to achieve business success. I’m not sure how one-dev Arq is faring.
The latter two projects are probably trying to produce sufficient revenue to support some living expense, which is a pretty tall order. It’s not clear how much revenue would solve lack of developers. May be lots, paying typical development salaries. Token amount (I’m thinking of bug bounties) has had little success.

As a side note, there’s a circular dependency. You’d want to productize a reliable product, wouldn’t you, although there’s certainly precedent for commercial products not being quite fully baked, at least at first. Some of this has to do with previous comments about how in-house testing can’t replace all external…

Not charging would (and does) seem to attract a lot of them. Donations cover some costs, but not devs.

There’s more free software for those who want a CLI on Linux. Duplicati seems pretty unique to me but newer entrant Kopia is getting in some of the same space, though VSS is more do-it-yourself than here.

While the big-name backup services do tend to be a package deal, software alone is still obtainable, but one might argue over what reasonable is (especially a question if it gets into servers or a lot of systems). Larger companies might take more shopping and more money. For something tiny, Duplicacy and Kopia seem to be places that unsatisfied Duplicati users are attracted too (sometimes finding issues there too).

If you have a specific storage type that you like, vendors sometimes have lists of backups they can use:

Backblaze B2 Integrations
Technology Alliance Partners (Wasabi)
are just a couple of examples of ways that you can break out the cloud service charge from the software some of which is likely aimed (and priced) at business. There are still some less costly things around too.

So that was all a big digression from working on any actual issue, but may add perspective and options.

Just my 2 cents. I can’t point you to a perfect solution, or solve every issue, but we can do what we can.

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There’s way too much stuff gone into here lol. I’m not reading it all.

But to chime in, Duplicati does actually work quite well if you learn how to get it to work with your situation which could mean anything really.

The stopping thing is that you just don’t use that and that’s solved lol. There’s actually a code problem where any unknown random error could cause Duplicati to become stuck, etc. This could also cause the stop/cancel to never function since its stuck. A force ending of Duplicati is how I stop it.

I got it to run fine with a 90GB backup after I figured out the code issue it was having. Its stable for me. 150GB would be not really any different compared to 90GB.

Notably, do not backup the Duplicati DB folder. Some computers that just doesn’t go well.

Sorry to hear that, as my goal was to make it easy an intuitive for novice users :cry:

I have been considering how to support the project by having another business that has goals aligned with a working open-source Duplicati project, and have many ideas. But in the end, starting any business requires a significant risk-taking, and I have not been confident enough to take that jump so far.

It is fairly common for open-source projects without a “sponsor” to have periods of low activity. If someone wants to sponsor the project, or commit to specific tasks, send me or one of the moderators a PM.

I still hope that I will be able to resume my Duplicati work, but my current situation does not have room for this.

In comparison to the 2 last professional backup software I tried, Acronis and Veeam, my opinion is that Duplicati is really more intuitive. To qualify this assertion and in fairness to Veeam, this particular software is doing a lot more than Duplicati so the opponents are not in the same league. But in the same vein, when one says that doing a basic rsync or using plain proprietary software of cloud providers is more intuitive, it’s also doing less than Duplicati, so by and large given what Duplicati is doing it’s doing it in a usually straightforward fashion.

Performance of Web UI is another story when dealing with huge backups but I hope to change that.

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