'Stop Backup' doesn't work

I’m trying to restore something from my backup, but as soon as I open the UI, the progress indicator says “Starting Backup.” So the database is locked, and I can’t do anything. I’ve tried ‘Stop after upload’ and ‘stop now,’ but neither one does a thing.

How do I stop the backup so I can restore something?

running Duplicati - on Linux Mint 17.1:

lastEventId : 26

lastDataUpdateId : 11
lastNotificationUpdateId : 4
estimatedPauseEnd : 0001-01-01T00:00:00
activeTask : {“Item1”:2,“Item2”:“1”}
programState : Paused
lastErrorMessage :
connectionState : connected
xsfrerror : false
connectionAttemptTimer : 0
failedConnectionAttempts : 0
lastPgEvent : {“BackupID”:“1”,“TaskID”:2,“BackendAction”:“List”,“BackendPath”:null,“BackendFileSize”:0,“BackendFileProgress”:0,“BackendSpeed”:-1,“BackendIsBlocking”:false,“CurrentFilename”:null,“CurrentFilesize”:0,“CurrentFileoffset”:0,“Phase”:“Backup_Begin”,“OverallProgress”:0,“ProcessedFileCount”:0,“ProcessedFileSize”:0,“TotalFileCount”:0,“TotalFileSize”:0,“StillCounting”:false}
updaterState : Waiting
updatedVersion :
updateReady : false
updateDownloadProgress : 0
proposedSchedule : [{“Item1”:“1”,“Item2”:“2018-12-15T10:00:00Z”}]
schedulerQueueIds :
pauseTimeRemain : 0

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Sounds like maybe we’re experiencing similar issues, actually.

Is there any support here??

Hello… your original post may have been missed somehow. I know there are other discussions about how this feature is currently broken. Hopefully someone is working on it!

A PR is in for ‘Stop after current upload’ which allows the backup to cleanly stop.