"Stop after upload" broken? It does not stop


since a while, at least this or maybe even prior Canary version, I cannot “Stop after upload” any more. It does not stop if I use this option. Backup goes to Google One.

IDK, stopping tasks became harder. When I run a big local backup (Terabytes), “stopping now” also does not work as instantly as before. I often find myself killing Duplicati instances in task manager.

Duplicati tasks in general is an intransparent thing. Sometimes there are some in queue, but we cannot see it, we have to stop them multiple times… at times.


Stop after Upload is a similar report, and also has a comment from the lead author about need for better UI.

Pause is not Pausing is possibly related because some techniques are common. Speculation by me is here however your experience reinforces my wondering from a look at the (reworked) code if it used to do better.

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