"Starting backup" for hours when service is launched

I killed the Duplicati service last night because I had something running and I didn’t want it competing with the scheduled backup. Today, I re-started the Duplicati service, and it has been “Starting Backup” for over an hour, and I have no idea how long it’s going to be.

Is it really starting a backup? It shouldn’t be. I didn’t tell it to start the backup, I just launched the service. It shows the next scheduled run is after midnight tonight.

I found a damaged file, and I want to do a restore, but, of course, I can’t, because the database is locked until it stops “Starting backup.”

If that means a scheduled backup was missed by stopping Duplicati, it’s considered a missed backup, and will run the next time Duplicati runs. At that time, Duplicati fills in the schedule for the next backup.

Though information is a little thin, that might explain the start but doesn’t by itself explain the slowness.