"Starting..." and "Completing Backup..."

I’ve just started using Duplicati to back up some stuff from a server. Last night the first backup went off without a hitch, but for a long time after, it said “Completing Backup…” Today when it started, for over half an hour it said “Starting…” and now it’s stuck on “Completing Backup…”

What is actually happening when these status messages are shown? I’ve done some Googling, but haven’t found any concrete info on this topic.


Hi @jaybird110127, welcome to the forum!

If you go to About under the main menu and click on the “Show log” button you should be able to select the “Live” button then choose “Profiling” from the log level sector.

That should show you almost step-by-step what is being done, even after the “Completing Backup” message is shown.