Start predefined backup job from batch file?

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is it possible, to start a backup job of Duplicati 2, that I have previously configured in the UI, from a batch file? I couldn’t find anything like this in the help for the command line interface.

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Sure - in the job menu select “Export” then “As Command-line…”.

Just copy that out of the browse window and paste it into your batch file.

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Is it really necessary to copy the ENTIRE text into the batch file, or can the profile stored in the web interface be called up somewhere.
Like: “Duplicati.CommandLine.exe” --profile = 1

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True command line (unlike Commandline in GUI) runs independently from server, so lacks its profiles.
parameters-file might make packaging setup for true CLI a little easier, but it all has to go in somehow.
There is a third-party client (with unknown support situation) that can talk to server and run its profiles.

Thanks for this hint!
I had already a look to this project, but i am only a USER and cant get run this environment, becaus there is no runable parts (.exe) in it …

I don’t run it, but I don’t understand that comment. Windows self contained binary discusses the intent.
Downloading 0.5.7_beta_2020-12-06 and looking inside the .zip file found a duplicati_client.exe.

The windows version i did not realize.
Thanks for this hint, i’ll try this.