SSH / SFTP hangs forever

In some cases the verify step with SSH seems to hang forever. I’ve got no idea why this is happening, because everything is working, except verification. Logs just show that file is being downloaded and that’s it. Duplicati never continues from this step. Yet it’s hard to say if the issue is with the ssh client library which duplicati is usingor duplicati itself. I’ve scheduled task killing to get rid of this, but it naturally reduces the reliability of backup.

What version of Duplicati are you using?

There appears to be an issue in some more recent versions where even a short loss in connectivity to the destination DURING a file transfer can cause Duplicati to end up waiting forever for the interrupted transfer to finish.

I don’t know that the underlying cause or a fix has been put in for this yet so your task killing schedule might be the best workaround available at this time.