Speed throttle should not be global (at least not mandatory)

Hi all :slight_smile:

I just stumbled upon the fact, that speed throttling is global - i knew, but not fully realized… :wink:
I just had the throttling on because i did not want Duplicati to eat up all my bandwith during a job using the internet connection to a remot destination.

After that i did run a pretty big job to a local network destination and thought “hmm… why is this taking so incredibly long?” Just then it came to my mind, that the throttling is working on all jobs - remote or local.

So my question/proposal: is it possible to either

  • have two different throttling options - one local network jobs, one remote internet jobs?
  • set the throttling per job (as you know the destination using local or remote (internet) connections?

In both cases i’d like to use UI for setting this.

It’s possible in advanced options on each job. In fact you could achieve the same behavior as the UI throttle by setting that option globablly.

Bingo, we need UI for this because it definitely makes sense to have but it’s hidden in advanced settings :slight_smile:

Duplicati has so many useful advanced settings it’s going to be difficult getting them into a user friendly format that won’t be super crowded. :slight_smile:

Personally, I’d like to see a command / parameter filter box like we have on the Restore page. Type in part of a word and the list of parameters (or commands) filters down to only those that have that text in their name or description.

We definitely need design changes to fit everything in. But I think a lot of the advanced options and functionality deserve to be presented in a user friendly way in the UI :slight_smile:

Hi guys :slight_smile:
i did find the advanced settings and set it for the related jobs. I’m kind of a gui-guy and therefore just didn’t look through aaaaall the advanced options :slight_smile: Just thought i don’t need to, because the setting was sitting right on top of the UI…

One setback though: When i use the global setting i am beeing able to change this during a running job, if i do it via options i am not, right?

It might be a special case: i’m a crashplan refugee as well and still in the initial backup phase to a remote NAS with a total of 6-7 TB data. I pre-seeded the most of it in my local network, but still some GB to go over internet. So the backup jobs are running almost 12 hrs during daytime and sometimes i like to use a bit of the bandwidth for myself :wink:

So for now it’s fine but perhaps it would be helpful to get a clear message, that the throttling in the UI is a) global and b) not only for internet connections but for all network connections…

Agreed, that should be made more clear.

It sounds like your situation might benefit from a PROPOSED feature discussed here…

That would certainly be a good feature - especially if run at a machine you have to work at and not wanting Duplicati to eat up all the bandwith during work hours :slight_smile: