Speed display is useless (on disk to disk)

Hi, when I backup from disk to disk (at something like 1 Gbyte/Minute) the speed display on top of the browser display is absolutely frightening and nervous. And making me nervous.

“23067 files (465.71 GB) to go at 28.21 KB/s”

Mostly it shows values in that speed area, then sometimes, for a short time, speed jumps up to GB/s ranges. But mostly KB/s. This way, it is useless.

It probably should do some averaging.

This is somewhat related: More detail in the progress bar

The actual speed should be correct, but the low KB/s speed are likely during compression or encryption where it might only be processing that much output in that moment. But yeah, it doesn’t give an accurate expectation of progress or time remaining at current speed.

I do not see any speed indicators up there. Just files and GB to go. Am i missing something?
Win10 64 with firefox and DUP

I recall the speed indicator being added after… at least that’s what I told this guy Show current Up/Download speed in Webinterface · Issue #2973 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

OK, then i can trust my eyes again (a bit) :slight_smile: