Specified argument was outside the range of valid values

Hello everyone, everything good? I set up a backup to the One Drive cloud service, it was working fine, but after an error and I recreate the backup database I am getting an error that is not allowing me to recreate the backup the error is in Portuguese, but I will switch to English:

specified argument was outside the range of valid values. parameter name: to

Could you help me with what to do? I couldn’t find where the problem is to solve.

Is it the below? If so, check if answers there explain why your OneDrive is failing.

Thanks a lot for your help, I lowered the Remote volume size to 200mb and that fixed the problem.

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If there’s a giant dblock file still there, it could slow things if restore needs to fetch it. Having smaller ones lets Duplicati fetch blocks it needs without ones it doesn’t. Consider a fresh backup if speed is a concern.

Remote Volume Size
How the restore process works