Source Data - SMB share - using Linux Mint

I have a FreeNAS on my network.

I can see the shares I use appear in my list of attached drives while using my compauter…

When I use Dupliucaqti, it allows one to add a path for the source data.

When I open up my shares, I have th efollowing path:


But, it does not work.

How can I adapt the path that I see, to the path the Duplicati needs to see my data?

Thanks for ideas.


Hello and welcome to the forum!

Duplicati is really designed to back up LOCAL files. That being said, it can work.

Duplicati on Windows has the ability to use UNC paths with at least one caveat: you cannot specify credentials so the user/pw Duplicati process runs under must be valid on the remote side.

With Linux I don’t believe you can access a SMB share without first mounting it. So you probably need to mount the shares first so they appear as local folders, then you can just point Duplicati at those.

The alternate and probably preferred solution is to run an instance of Duplicati directly on the NAS to back up the local files. If you can run Docker on your NAS, a containerized Duplicati instance is what I’d do.

Good luck!


Thanks for the feedback.
I am using LInux Mint.
The shares are mounted when I run Duplicati. I can access them as a folder when trying to access any other file n m y computer. The folder is visible under the “Network” section of the file browser window.

So, how can I tell Duplicati where to get the files?

I see a field where I can add a path. But, my attempts have failed with that. Unless I am some how using the wrong path to “see” my files.



If you mounted the SMB share then you would select the local mount point in Duplicati - eg, /mnt/nas or where ever you mounted it. You could browse to it using the UI, you wouldn’t need to type a path manually.

You may not actually be mounting it locally though. Doesn’t sound like it if you are simply browsing to the share through the Network section of Mint’s file manager utility.