Sorry but decided to abandon Duplicati

After deciding to change from Crashplan due to the load it exerted on the server I moved to use Duplicati. Resources on my DigitalOcean Ubuntu droplet were limited and Crashplan was using 15% of CPU and Memory.
I configured Duplicati to do nightly backups of my customer websites and databases to my Dropbox account. All was well for a week or so. Then I stopped receiving my email notifications.
The Duplicati local database had become corrupted and the Duplicati server was not running. I repaired the installed but it the process I had to set up my backups and email settings again. A few weeks later the same problem occurred. This time Duplicati was reporting that no backups had been successfully completed for 1 month.
Given the importance of ensuring the continuity of my business I can no longer rely on Duplicati. I’ve now moved over to using rsync over ssh to do nightly backups and have signed up for DigitalOceans weekly droplet backup.

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Thanks for taking the time to let us know about your problems and decision.

I’m sorry to hear you had issues with the database becoming corrupted and while that’s not something I’ve heard of happening much (at all?) I completely support your choice to use a backup solution that you can trust to work for your needs.

I feel that rsync and SSH are both good tools and I wish you many safe backups with them! :slight_smile:

The database is based on SQLite, so it should be well tested and handle all sorts of failures. But maybe you are referring to a “logic corruption” where Duplicati detects inconsistencies?

If that is the case, I can only say that I wish I had more hours in a day, so I could improve Duplicati faster.

I am aware that the backups need a reliable (external) notification system, and emails do not fill that role. I have not yet had enough time to set up such a system (I have spent quite some time trying…).

I know there is a hosted solution for this, which I hear great things about:

That is a tried-and-tested solution :slight_smile:


rsync can delete files: This might be a big caveat!
(Or change files)
There is no way back (as far as I know)

On the other hand, rsync transmission is very robust (My experience).

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