Some troubles with Duplicati for Windows?

Hello. Not sure if its bug or something else. I’m using NAS to save backups via Duplicaty(Duplicati - and as network share folder. Share folder users and backup users use different credentials to connect to NAS. Network share folder mapped as network drive, and Windows stores credentials for it, and all good. When i try to use Duplicati to make backup to that NAS, i use different user and pass, but it seems Dulicati trying to get access to backup folder using shared folder credentials, or Windows forces it to do so. That can see only if i map shared folder using NAS lan address and lan address as a destination folder in Duplicati. When i use different ways, say lan address for shared folder and netbt name for backup folder destination, all is good. Is it Duplicati bug? Windows feature? Thanks in advance.

I’ve found that Duplicati tends to use the current windows user or saved login for that drive for whatever file access, in this case sounds like Windows is setup for “shared user” instead of “backup user”. Even if you enter the login info within Duplicati, Windows will still try to use its own “shared user” credentials and limit the access.

This is why I always run Duplicati from a machine or Windows login that has full admin rights to all folders on the share, so this is not an issue. Otherwise it uses the limited user access which limits what you can back up. If needed, create another (offline) Windows login on the PC, set it up on the share with the full admin login, and then run Duplicati from there.

Yeah, good idea. Seems this uhh Windows feature can be easily solved using lan address for one user and netbt for another on smae machine. And i think its bit uncommon just because share folers always are free for all to read/write and dont need any credentials. And thanks for some advices!