[solved] Strange issue w Duplicati on Docker: can't login

Might be bug, I don’t know
Issue is, when restarting my Docker container of Linuxserver/Duplicati (latest tag), which was working great for the past week, I suddenly get an error message when trying to login:
“Failed to get nonce: BadRequest: Too large header value on line 2” (one time I get line 2, next click I get line 14 (!))
And the system does not enable me to login.
Any idea gents to solve this?
Many thanks in advance

Let’s make sure it’s not some web browser caching issue. Can you try pressing Ctrl+F5 to do a forced refresh (while at the Duplicati UI address).

Goodness. Can’t believe it. You’re the man. I previously deleted several time the cache but it didn’t help. Trying with another browser did the trick. So I will apply your forced refresh to my other browser.
Many thanks for that

Glad it worked for you!