[Solved] Running Duplicati as root on Linux

I’m running the current canary release of Duplicati on Linux Mint 20.3. I’m using canary because that is how I am able to get Duplicati to successfully use Oauth with Dropbox.

While testing an upload to Dropbox, I realize that I need to have Duplicati running with root privilege to access the files that I am asking it to back up.

So I did a search and found this old post on the forum: https://forum.duplicati.com/t/how-to-give-duplicati-root-permision-on-ubuntu/273

I have the Duplicati service running,

… and have modified the desktop launcher to run this command:
duplicati --no-hosted-server --serverurl=http://localhost:8200

But when I open the launcher, nothing happens. But two more processes appear under my Linux user name:

Is this what’s supposed to happen? What am I missing?
Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

After getting some sleep, I just pointed my web browser to
It came right up.

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I’m not sure that’s correct, but I’m also not sure it matters, because that’s also the Tray Icon default.
There might also have been some confusion over its name. You can see it doing a naming move at

Probably, but it would be clearer what components are running if the process options were also seen.

The server component is included in the Tray Icon tool.

is the part one moves away from with –no-hosted-server. Here’s some other information from the docs:

  • --hosturl
    Supply the url that the TrayIcon will connect to and show status for.
  • --no-hosted-server
    Set this option to not spawn a local service, use if the TrayIcon should connect to a running service.

It would be helpful if Duplicati setup of that configuration were simpler, but I’m not sure how to achieve it.