[Solved] Fresh headless installation - empty HTTP response


i have installed duplicati on a headless debian server, following the instructions on github. The server starts up fine, and uses the port. However, when i try to connect to the server, it requests to set a cookie, and then does nothing but delivering an empty response.

Why is that? I need some help resolving this.

The version i installed was duplicati-

Hi @simonszu, welcome to the forum!

That is an odd problem. When trying to connect to the server (I assume you mean the web GUI) are you connecting from a different box (different IP) than the headless server or via a tunnel such as with SSH port forwarding?

I have figured it out. I connected to Duplicati via a reverse proxy, which set an HTTP header the Duplicati server couldn’t handle. Since this isn’t RFC compliant, i created an issue and removed this header from my reverse proxy configuration.

Good catch, and thanks for creating the GitHub issue!

I went ahead and flagged your post as the solution just to save future readers from having to slog through all the…um…1 other post. :laughing: