SOLUTION: "One or more errors occurred" + "The remote name could not be resolved"

Tl;Dr change your DNS

So my backups stopped working. I’ve tried:

  • Upgrading do canary
  • Changing from B2 to Google Drive
  • Removing files

and nothing worked. There were no logs or errors on the backup itself, very unhelpful. It was only when I looked at the live logs buried under “About” that I saw “The remote name could not be resolved”, pointing to the B2 cloud address. Changed my DNS to and bam, everything just works. Before that, it was just my ISP’s default DNS messing up.

Error reporting in current Duplicati is not ideal.

There are improvements in (not yet published) Github Duplicati.
If you are willing to help to validate them, a test version could be generated so that you could install it and give feedback to see if it improves the situation - you would have (obviously) to change back the DNS and try a backup with the problem.