SOHO Dashboard?

Has anyone seen (or tried to make) a dashboard that would show the state of several Duplicati-running machines in a network?

For a SOHO situation, e.g.

See this for now

We have discussed it, and I plan to make a notification service that makes it possible to be notified when backups have not run. The interface would serve as a monitor-like overview of the backups, but without the ability for remote administration.


It seems that someone did actually do it:

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cool. it’s going to drop a release “soon” which I guess in Github-speak is sometime between tomorrow and 2045? :slight_smile:

If they release, I will test it.

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I just tested the the solution indicated above and really is what I would like to start. Of course one way to manage customers directly from the management would be very good, but only if it was in a personal infra and not a third party infra that I do not know so well.
If @kenkendk decides to do something native would be even better, however meanwhile I think the above solution can help solve the problem.