Slow upload (encryption bottleneck?): Is multicore working?

The backup is working and the slow backups to AWS seem to be limited to specific files. Uploads hover at about 50kb/s (or lower) and seems to be limited to specific jpeg files. I’m assuming that this means it’s encryption and not compression that is the bottleneck.

Some jpgs (from the same camera, same day (my wedding day)) upload at about ~1Mbs. I’m curious as to what may cause that difference in encryption speed.

More interesting to me is that I have concurrency-max-threads to 10 (Ryzen 5); I would expect that, if this was an encryption bottleneck, my proc would be maxing out. However, what I’m seeing is most cores hovering around 5% or lower, with an occasional core jumping up to 10-20%.

It’s certainly possible that there’s a bug in the “don’t compress files of this type” code (I think there was on in the past, but it was fixed).

As for the multi-core code, I don’t actually have any experience with it so am not really how to go about testing it.

Since you’ve identified some specific files that seem to cause issues could you make a test backup of just those files (could even be to a local drive?) and see how long things take with different multi-core settings?