Slow backup to google drive (kilobytes)

Hey all,

Just setup duplicati for the first time and amazed with how quick it all was.

One issue I’m having is with upload speed. I’m currently running on Ubuntu and use UFW to manage my firewall, but I’m not sure how I should be setting it up to allow maximum throughput for duplicati.

Another odd thing I’ve observed is even though the bar at the top of the UI is reporting upload speeds in the kilobytes, the bar has moved a significant amount for a 5gb backup in the last 20minutes making me think it’s actually uploading faster than it reports.

Any help debugging these two issues is much appreciated.

Hey @rbhalla, welcome to the forum!

Since Duplicati only instigates file uploads and downloads from your computer, unless you’re using very strict firewall settings there shouldn’t be any firewall settings (Uncomplicated FireWall or not) necessary. Basically, if you can use a web browser and download a zip file then Duplicati will likely work without any firewall tweaks.

As for the progress bar, keep in mind that after the initial backup (where EVERYTHING has to get uploaded) Duplicati only uploads changes that it finds - but it still has to scan through every file to FIND those changes.

So what you’re seeing might be the progress bar jumping as it scans through your local files not finding many changes needing to be uploaded.

Once all the scanning is done and Duplicati settles down to just processing the changes that HAVE been identified, you’ll probably see a much more stable bar.

Hi @JonMikelV,

Thanks for your response and apologies for the late reply.

The behaviour I was observing was on the initial upload (which is why I was concerned). It does seem however that while the speed was less than I expected, it took as long as I expected to upload (which makes me wonder if it wasn’t reporting correctly for all the small files).

It seems like since then everything is working as expected though.

Thanks for your help!

Glad to hear everything evened out for you! :slight_smile:

I’m going to close this topic but if you run into anything else please let us know.

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