Slow: ~2 Mb/s locally

Doing a local backup on a FreeNAS server, hdd -> hdd. Database is located on a SSD. CPU is Xeon E3-1225 v3 @ 3.20GHz. Using latest beta version with default parameter except 1Gb volume size.

99% of the time the ‘mono-sgen’ (state: ‘uwait’) process is at 100% (see screenshot) (@ single core i believe).

Backup speed: ~2 Mb/s.

Is this roughly what I should expect on local backup without sacrificing deduplication rates?

I don’t have a clear answer on the cpu, but why change from 50MB buckets to 1GB buckets?

I was recommended setting the volume size high to avoid potential database performance issues for large backups. It’s a 15TB backup. Forgot to mention that.

Try to set these advanced options:


This should speed up local backups significantly.