Signature Cache - what is this?

In %appdata%/…/local/Duplicati I have a folder “Signature Cache” with two subfolders (1 and 2) full of files like "dpl-full-signature.20160529T145539Z.vol1 with a date from Mai (1) and Dec (2) 2016. Seem to be leftovers from updates? Can I delete these?
[using Duplicati on Win8.1]

Questions about managing signature cache #324 explains it. This appears to be a Duplicati 1 thing.
Duplicati 2 does not have one, so I guess unless you still have Duplicati 1 backups, it’s irrelevant…
Even if you have Duplicati 1 backups, this is just a cache, so could be downloaded again if needed.

Block-based storage engine explains how Duplicati 2 doesn’t use prior “full” and “incremental” idea.

Thanks for the quick reply and clarification.
FWIW I seached the forum for “signature” and “signature cache” before I posted the question, but got no hits. Shouldn’t the search have found the thread you referred me to?

Forum search searches the forum. The thread there was in GitHub. Google has a better search though:

"Signature Cache" then start reading through the results.

I see - thanks for the clarificaton. My favorite search engine (startpage) unfortunately doesn’t seach github, so I’d have never spotted this thread :weary:
But for the future we now have a pointer in the forum :slight_smile: