Show scheduler / activity status for backup tasks in Web UI

The only way to see backup activity is in the green rectangle at the top of the screen. There is no easy way to see in the Web UI which backup tasks are waiting for completion of another task.
This could be improved by changing the icons before each task in the backup list (eventually replace them by an animated GIF).
A rotating or scrolling icon could indicate that this backup task is running. For a static icon, a little Play button (triagle) should suffice.
A little Pause symbol (2 small rectangles) in a corner of the icon could indicate that this task is queued and waiting for the current task to complete.
A Stop symbol could indicate that a task is scheduled, but not active or queued and a “x” symbol (or greyed out icon) for a task that is not scheduled.


With greeno theme it would show "1 Waiting in Que’ , "2 Waiting in Que’

Yes, the information is available, but we did not find a good way to present it, and opted for a cleaner look.

But I think we can add the status icons as suggested, I just need someone to draw them, and then I can add them.

I gave it a try and created some custom icons in 2 varieties: black and green. The green color is already used in the UI, but the small symbols are harder to identify than the black ones.
You can download the icons here.

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I actually didn’t realize that conflicting backup tasks even queued against each other, and had been worrying that they’d attempt to compete with one another (and had no way of finding out) - so i’d say this feature is needed :wink:

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One thing I’d like to see in the icons is a simple indicator of the status of the last run of the backup. Currently it is hard to tell at a glance in the web ui if each backup was run successfully on its schedule - it shows the last successful run time but I’m not sure if it shows if it failed?. I made some proposal and mock-ups over here

I wonder if we can combine the ideas? Make the play, pause, idle icon red for last run failed and green for last run success?

I also think avoiding over complication is a good idea.