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Good night, I’m doing backup / restore tests of backups with lots of data, because a friend has been doing this in recent times and ended up having problems in restore.

But I’m facing a slightly different problem here, I ran the restore full job from my 80GB data backup, but unlike the backup job, the restore job, not us any expectation or percentage of how much time or how many percent of files have already been restored.

I wonder if there is any project to include this in the future?


As far as I know something like this is not being worked on.

The necessary information is probably available, it just hasn’t been gathered up and presented in a nice presentation in the GUI.

Yesterday during a full backups (70GB of data) restore process, I did not know how many percent had already been restored and it was necessary to check how many GB existed in the destination directory to get an idea of that percentage …

Another thing that I miss quite a bit in Duplicati and I just came to realize now with the new tests, is a log like the one received by email from the backups executed, especially the data restore. I did the restore process, but I did not have any idea of the restore time, how many files, if any one had an error, etc.

If you have the “send email on all operations” setting enabled I believe you get one of those on restore, but you get them for other things as well.

One thing that makes this not necessarily simple is the need to set all the necessary smtp information during the restore if it’s not already part of the job or global settings.

Though it might make sense to include a “send completion email” checkbox IF SMTP settings are found…

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This one would be a good one. But if the top progress bar already had some percentage of the restore, I think it would already be good for most users.