Show (Actual) Job Start Time (and optionally estimated time to completion)?

Hopefully a simple question/request…

Can Duplicati show the (actual) start time of the currently running job(s)? I’m thinking maybe here:


…an extra line saying “Job started: Wednesday August 9th, 08:40”…?

(I guess you could also put an estimated time of completion on there too, based on the elapsed time and the percentage progress made so far - I’d say this is optional, but it would save mentally trying to do the calculation in my head :wink: )


sorry, not implemented and no plan for that.

Beyond there being too many features and issues compared to the few developer volunteers, major problem with estimating anything is that Duplicati only uploads changed blocks in changed files. The analysis is done in parallel with the block packaging and uploading. It doesn’t wait for a pre-analysis.


Incremental backups
Duplicati performs a full backup initially. Afterwards, Duplicati updates the initial backup by adding the changed data only. That means, if only tiny parts of a huge file have changed, only those tiny parts are added to the backup. This saves time and space and the backup size usually grows slowly.

But it all depends on what changed since previous backup, and that’s not known until near backup end (default of about 4 volumes of 50 MB left to upload) so there’s only a tiny window for a decent estimate.

The screen in original post had Current file underneath it. A progress percentage is for only that file therefore doesn’t sound like what you really want. My comments here are on a time for total completion.

Compacting files at the backend is the other unknown. That can take a long time after the backup itself, although there have been some proposals on how to add ways to spread the compact out more evenly.

Okay, I see now that “estimated time to completion” is going to be hard to make it useful/accurate.

Does this mean printing a start time is also difficult?

(I note that when a job has ended it says how long it took, so I assume somewhere Duplicati knows the start time of it, so “just” needs to print it…?)

I assume it’s a research effort that the developers may or may not wish to do now. It does need GUI skill which is sometimes in short supply, and that comes after C# change to get the answer from somewhere. There’s no such thing as a one-liner when it comes to passing C# data using an HTTP based API to the browser where HTML and AngularJS might get involved, but it’s surely easier than impossible estimates.

That’s the first problem, however any restart of Gui changes imply sooner than later questions about translations, and the shortage in manpower for this particular departement is well, acute, as in ‘there is absolutely nobody’.

Thanks folks - I appreciate your candour, and I can very much understand your difficulties. Clearly, given the product is backups, then whatever time there is available is probably better spent on “engine room” tasks, rather than “front of house”.

Your technology stack isn’t my strong suit, but I’ll have a delve in there some time and see if there’s anything I can help out with.

Thanks again - all very much appreciated.

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Very healthy approach and responses too.

In the option “About - Show Log - Live - Explicit only!” you can see the events, that is, also the start time

Help is possible in many ways including some not involving code (e.g. trying to reproduce issues, or measuring performance, or improving docs, etc.). All this is what allows responsiveness to improve.

If you want to rummage in code, it’s all there, and maybe this could piggyback on some similar flow. Translation delays are definitely likely, but I think it’s up to whatever volunteers are available to help: and then we need to pick up updates and ship them, which flowed more smoothly at one point, but may be slow now due to staff changes and limitations.

Thanks for this. I’m not sure how well this catches up if started late, and possibly other levels such as Information would also work. Possibly <job> → Show log → Remote can also catch first remote work:

The list isn’t exact at the start, but is pretty close. If job is scheduled, that might give hint on time too.

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Thanks for the update.

In my case, I have the backup programmed at 8:00 p.m. and it shows the input correctly if the computer was on. Or the next day I barely turn it on if it was off at 8:00 p.m the day before.

14 de ago. de 2023 20:00: list

Since we are here. I see that logs also appear on the remote when no backup is actually taking place.

The last backup was yesterday at 8:00 p.m. and I turned on the computer today at 7:14 a.m.

Are these reports normal on the remote even if no backup is running?

How do you know no backup was running? What did TrayIcon color or GUI show?
It looks like your 8 PM backup never really got going, but continued its job at 7:14.
When it finishes, look at the times in the job log and see if that looks correct there.


Or if you mean a full power off instead of sleep, job runs next time it has a chance.

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Oh it can be yes! I didn’t know that Duplicati could take over an unfinished job.


Or if you mean a full power off instead of sleep, job runs next time it has a chance.
Surely it was that.

Thank you

If you mean you might have powered off right as backup starts, I think (not positive) that Duplicati treats it as an unrun job that missed its schedule. Jobs that miss their schedule are run when Duplicati gets back.

Settings in Duplicati can add a delay if you’d rather not add to the usual rush of everything on such starts.

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Thanks again! I will take a look