Sharing my Duplicati in Docker, and a question about LGPL

I’ve created a Docker image that I use to run Duplicati on my Linux systems. It’s been working well, so I wanted to share.

I do have a question about the LGPL. Does it require that I distribute the Duplicati source code since I’m distributing the binaries via the Docker image?

Anyway, if anyone is interested, it’s up on GitLab. David Reagan / Duplicati-In-Docker · GitLab

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(insert not a lawyer disclaimer here).

If you simply use the binary builds, then you have not modified the source, and you are free to distribute the binaries “as-is” (and the the source code is in the git repo anyway).

If you change stuff in the code (like custom logo, name, etc) it becomes more tricky. But since your own code is also open, I don’t think you need to worry.

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Thanks for sharing @jerrac!

I’m curious if there were specific things you found lacking or broken in the official or Linux server Docker containers.

Of course I completely understand if you were just teaching yourself Docker and decided to choose an awesome tool with which to experiment. :slight_smile:

When I first started the project, I couldn’t find any official Docker images. Or at least any that I thought were official. So I have no idea if mine offer anything better than an official image. :slight_smile:

There aren’t any images linked to from the Duplicati download page. And I didn’t find the Docker Hub images until just now…