Shared GDrive quota vs. personal GDrive quota


I am using duplicati with a shared GDrive which hast “unlimited” space. The shared GDrive is connected to my personal GDrive Account.

I’am receiving the following warning-message because my personal quota is near to 15GB, but: My backups are located on the shared GDrive - so everything fine.

Is there any option to disable the warning?


One of the others could perhaps confirm but as far as I know there’s no way to disable specific warnings or errors.

Am unaware of a way of doing this without coding it myself. Its only an annoyance so I haven’t.

Obviously, side point to disabling it is to not use Drive. That would work hehe.

Sometimes one has the ability to disable specific ones (unlike disabling all). A developer once posted:

and it looks like that was its author, done after the manual was written so I’ll quote from the online help.

  --quota-warning-threshold (Integer): Threshold for warning about low quota
    Sets a threshold for when to warn about the backend quota being nearly exceeded. It is given as a percentage, and a warning is generated if the amount of available quota is less than this percentage of the total backup size. If the
    backend does not report the quota information, this value will be ignored
    * default value: 10

I don’t have such a thing, so I’m curious what it looks like. Got a description or link to documentation?
I’m disappointed that either Google is giving the wrong answer or Duplicati is asking it the wrong way.

  --quota-size (Size): A reported maximum storage
    This value can be used to set a known upper limit on the amount of space a backend has. If the backend reports the size itself, this value is ignored

You could test the above, but the help sounds like it should have no effect, as it gave the size (wrongly).
Is Destination calling this a Google Drive storage type, as opposed to going through some drive letter?

I believe if you set the --quota-warning-threshold parameter to a negative value it will completely disable the quota check. I tried to quickly check the code, and it doesn’t seem to validate that the given value is positive, so that should make the check below never pass.

if (quota.FreeQuotaSpace < warningThreshold * knownFileSize)

The full log also reports the original values for the quota status, which might be interesting for an ‘unlimited’ account. I wonder if the quota values reported for the drive are actually representative of the actual quota in that case (and they are bumped automatically whenever you get close to the current limit) or if they are completely incorrect and not accurate.

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