Shadow drive support

HubiC is now Shadow drive. Will you support it ?

Shadow drive has no API. WebDav is supposed to be supported ‘soon’, so when and if it happens, you will be able to use this service - it seems considerably pricier than Hubic though. For 2 TB it’s at a good spot still, but if you need more you can find 5TB for about 50% pricier - more interesting if you ask me - not that you can have more with Shadow drive. And if you need 1 TB you can find considerably lower priced alternatives.

HubiC no longer exists. I just need the free 20 GB Shadow drive offer.

Like I said, it’s not currently possible to use Shadow Drive from a third party application. As Duplicati is supporting Webdav, once Octave and friends come to give Webdav access, Duplicati will be able to use Shadow Drive.
As of ‘free’, you get what you pay for. Looking up the offers, it seems that a few months ago Mega was the king of the hill with 100 GB, a few times later it was 50, now on the web site it’s 20 (AFAIK not usable by Duplicati, no API at the moment).
Free and generous offers for a lifetime never last. If you trust Oracle, you can get a full Arm instance with 200 GB of storage ‘for life’. That’s 10 times more than Shadow Drive. I did not try it (I do not trust Oracle) but it should be possible to use the storage with Sftp.