SFTP keeps connecting and then disconnecting every hour or so

I have one backup set on Duplicati which runs every 24 hours.

Because I prefer to not keep my HDDs spinning in my NAS, I have them set to sleep after 20 minutes of idle. Unfortunately Duplicati keeps connecting to my NAS, preventing the drives from remaining idle for too long, causing a cycle of powering up and down the HDDs, less than ideal.

Why does Duplicati keep connecting to the share ever hour or so, even though the backup is only every 24 hours?

Is there an option I can set to tell Duplicati to only connect to the share during an active backup?


‘Share’ ? there is no share on a sftp server. Do you really use sftp or do you use a network share ?

I am using an SFTP connection with Duplicati, however I can also access the storage from other devices because it’s a network share.

it’s not Duplicati that is waking up your hard drives, your ‘other devices’ are doing it. If you are in doubt, use a network tool such as Wireshark on the computer running Duplicati to watch the IP address of your NAS port 22 (sftp) to see if anything access it.

I know it’s Duplicati because the SSH account I use for it differs from my “other devices”, I can see the Duplicati account connecting and disconnecting multiple times per hour in the logs.

Can you export the job as json and post it here ? The part following (and including) TargetURL is of no interest, just the beginning of the file.

Across all systems that can reach NAS, is there just one Duplicati with just one job?
You can certainly keep an eye on it using About → Show log → Live → Information.

That’s always how it works AFAIK. Duplicati is quite strict about one job at a time too.
What happens if you quit Duplicati for two hours sometime between 24 hour backup?