Setting up TahoeLAFS

TahoeLAFS is a free and open source cloud storage system, that distributes your data across multiple servers. You can manage a storage grid in a cloud-like manner and dynamically add and remove storage servers as needed. TahoeLAFS includes many options for redundancy and security.

To configure Duplicati to use TahoeLAFS, follow these steps:

  1. Add a new backup
  2. Choose “TahoeLAFS” as the destination
  3. Enter these options for the connection:
    • The server is “localhost” if you are running the storage client locally, leave the port empty and it will use the default 3456. If you are using a storage client on another machine, use that machine’s name and port.
    • In “Path on server” enter the TahofeLAFS url, which you can get from the TahoeLAFS web interface, it should start with /uri/URI:DIR2: which indicates a write-able directory
    • You can enable SSL if the storage client you are using supports this, but you do not need it for a locally running storage client. You can also supply a username and password if your local client supports it.

All done, you can click “Test connection” to see if it works. The setup should look like this:

In the curren version ( the configuration assistant don’t let you to leave blank username and password. Does no work with TAHOE-LAFS default client configuration.