Setting up Duplicati on Raspberry Pi / Ubuntu

I’m trying to set up Duplicati on a RPi 4 that I use at home as file server (Samba/NFS/FTP on 6TB drive) to backup up my stuff to my Google Drive.

Following the install guide, installing Duplicati needs Mono-Runtime, which I’ve installed the latest version of direct from their site rather than the Ubuntu Repo.
Installing Duplicati complains it’s missing a load of dependencies. Using APT to force install the needed dependencies what to install screen fulls of stuff, amounting to +350MBs of Mono.

That can’t be right, can it? Any ideas? I’m trying to keep the Pi as lean as possible.


I tried Duplicati on my Raspberry Pi 3, and the mono installation is unfortunately really big. The updates took forever and since it didn’t really solve the problem I had, I gave up eventually.

So, it does work, but it’s not “lean”!