Setting up duplicati at outset to support fast single file restores

hi there, i have ~250GB in a linux desktop backed up in one job a few days ago, along with installation.

I backup to a backblaze b2 bucket, and used an encryption key on 50 MB blocks-at-a-time configuration.

I tried to restore one <1MB file on a macbook air but have gotten caught in a long “recreating database” journey (“Processing indexlist volume 104 of 4222”) I appears it will take an hour for this process to complete, based on the current run rate (and presumably the restore will be fast, as it is a single 1MB file?)

Is this normal? And is there a way to set up duplicati to support faster restores?


Are you doing the restore on the same machine that does the backups? If so, you don’t need to use the method that recreates the database. Click Restore and then click the defined backup set name - no database recreation will be required. Duplicati will need to download one or more dblocks (those 50MB files) to reassemble the data file that you chose to restore.

If you are doing the “direct restore from backup files” or “restore from configuration” then yes, Duplicati will need to generate a temporary database to facilitate the restore.

The restore was to a different machine.
Noted re: need to generate a temporary database.
And most of all, thank you for the quick response!

Ok, yep in that case you’ll need to wait for database recreation.