Setting for local storage?

I could not find a setting to specify the local storage while running a backup job.
My first job suddenly failed in the middle with an error indicating the local/app… file was no longer accessible (windoze10).
So not sure this default is able to be changed?

Hi @Tom_Parry. I’m quite sure what you mean? Are you wanting to back up to a disk that is locally attached? If so you should select “Local Folder or Drive” from the drop down box in section 2 of the job configuration wizard.

Sorry about the vagueness, I am just starting to use the app.
On my windows the app uses:

However I would like to use a different drive/folder location (primarily becasue my drive C is a 250Gb SSD and I am trying to keep usage of it to a minimum).

So if there was a way to specify the location of this folder to another drive I would appreciate that.

The only part of duplicati that lives in that location is the SQLite database and depending on the size of your back ups it shouldn’t get that large. It’s about 1GB database for 100GB of data backed up. However if you’d like to move it, I would suggest you do it from the job options and use the move database option.

@samw is correct, you can move change database location from within the backup job’s Database menu. Though other than during initial backup and it you have lots of daily changes there shouldn’t be too much wire activity to today database in general.

You may also want to adding the ‘–tempdir’ advanced parameter to specify a different drive / path than the system default for temp activity such as creation of compressed archives before being uploaded and storage or existing archives during verification. This can he done in either the global Settings page or the last step of the job Edit pages.