Setting backup to network MyCloud drive on OSX

Hello ! Just downloaded Duplicati to execute a daily backup on network MyCloud Drive of a specific folder. I have only Invité (Guest) user on drive. I suppose I have to use WebDav ?
How should I configure Server and Port and User name/password ?
When I enter drive name from Finder (either with /Public or not, and with Guest or not in user name) I have NameResolution failure.

Thank you for your support :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome!

Can you clear this up for me. Do you want this MyCloud Drive folder to be the source (files you are backing up), or the destination (where Duplicati places its backups)?

Thx for passing by : myCloud network drive should be the back up destination, source will be a folder on my mcbook (M1 Monterey)

Ok thanks for the clarification!

Is this MyCloud Drive the one offered by Western Digital storage devices?

Hello ! Yes, My Cloud Home 3To to be precise, It is connected on my network via wifi of my home router (nighthawk) ; I correctly see it in network on Finder and can access it R/W as guest user, I didn’t create specific user from now, not needed.
Have a nice day