Setting Backup Time

There’s a forum post here on the spoof timezone extension in Firefox throwing Duplicati off. Fun fun…

Re the “spoof time zone” extension - haven’t tried it but reading the reviews it’s seems a hot mess and very likely will not work with “privacy.resistFingerprinting" set to ‘True’. That setting always returns GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time).

Also, I’ve been unable to get the “privacy.resistFingerprinting.exemptedDomains” setting to work such that the correct timezone data is returned. Posted my problem on the FF user forum in hope someone can help me.

At least I now know this is a FF issue and not Duplicati. Thanks again for all the replies.

Try putting just “localhost” there.

No. Nothing works in that setting.

After further research, it’s apparent to me that all the “privacy.resistFingerprinting” (RFP) settings are questionable as to whether they actually are currently functional.

Searching and browsing here → revealed many references to the ‘RFP’ project such as: “It seems as of FF94, exemptedDomains no longer works even when testGranularityMask = 4. Did something change here?” - posted recently only a month ago as of now. Also this: “Timezone has never been part of exemptedDomains”.

What’s not questionable is when “privacy.resistFingerprinting” is set to “true”, timezone is reported to be UTC. Also, other fingerprinting detection actions are listed here:

Bottom line: I’m convinced that ‘exemptedDomains’ is not currently functional and the ‘RFP’ project is a work-in-progress and currently incomplete.

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Yeah, I played around with it too and couldn’t get it to work. Thanks for digging deeper into this topic!

Unless it’s an hour earlier.
Or later.

Yeah, I thought about mentioning the DST issue in my original reply, but since it was clearly some other issue I opted not to.