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Hi all,

i have crashed my Laptop. (UBUNTU)
But before reinstalling it i could move everything from /home and /etc to USB Disk.
Before Crash i backed up to AWS S3 Bucket (80GB).

How can i set up on this backup without resyncing everything?

Thanks Thilo

Do you mean how can you continue using this backup with your new/fixed OS?

If you are adding what to copy to the USB drive to simplify using the backup (for restore or miss backups) on the fixed machine then it will depend on whether you were running as a daemon service or just the tray-icon.

Oh, and whether or not you used the portable mode and/or a custom database destination.

Hopefully specify else will read this and help out as it sounds like you want it sooner than later and I’m not going to be able to look up the paths for probably 24 hours at least.

sorry i think i did not write it correctly.
I had a running Backup-Schedule with duplicati from my old LINUX installation to my AWS S3 Bucket.
When i had my accident i could start the old LINUX by livecd and copy everything to a USB Disk.
Now i Installed a new LINUX and copied the data back from USB Disk.
I did not need my duplicati backup for restore.
Now i need to import the old backup job . But i dont want to start a Backup from new.
What is the easyiest way?
Thx Thilo

The easiest (though not fastest) way is probably to manually create the new job pointing to the same destination as the old job.

Before running it, go into the job menu, select “Database …”, then click the “Repair” button. This will download the index files from your destination and use them to rebuild the local database. (Note that depending on the size of your already backed up destination this may take a while).

Once the “Recreating database …” step is complete you should be able to run your backup as normal.

To skip the database repair step, you could copy over the job specific .sqlite file (named something like LAFKXGBDZR.sqlite) from your USB drive and point the new job to that file.

To skip all this and just bring over the old configuration completely, you SHOULD be able to copy the whole Duplicati folder from the USB backup. This should include files like dbconfig.json (a list of jobs) and Duplicati-server.sqlite (general server database, not to be confused with job specific database).

Be sure to stop any currently running Duplicati instance before doing this and when you start it up again it should have all your old stuff in place.

Note that if you’ve already created new jobs then they will be REPLACED by the old jobs copied in from your USB files.

The files you want are most likely located in:

  • ~/.config/Duplicati (if running as local user / tray-icon)
  • /root/.config/Duplicati (if running as root / daemon)
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