Service not automatically starting on server

So we are creating a cloud back up to sharepoint using duplicati, but I have patches and updates installing on the server and it reboots afterward. We managed many servers, so I am looking to see if I can create this service to start when the PC turns on or if I can enable autologin for a domain user on the server for this to start. Any options out there?

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Duplicati components would be worth a read if you’re not familiar. Which service are you asking about?
The GUI installer installs the TrayIcon which includes the Server component and starts at the user login.

Duplicati.WindowsService.exe is how one adds a Windows service. One can add tray icon to go with it.
Most people who want something run at boot would probably run through a Windows service, I imagine.
Typically they are probably run as SYSTEM, but both Duplicati and Windows’ own tools provide options.

I’m also a little unclear how the patches and updates situation impacts what you’re trying to accomplish.


Different ways to make a Duplicati backup also covers options, including command line, which I omitted.
There are a lot of ways to do things, and I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for. Maybe you can clarify.