"Server is currently paused, resume now" hover CSS

When going to run a Commandline while Duplicati is paused the Server is currently paused, resume now message appears:

However moving the mouse over the blue resume now text does not change the cursor to something that indicates is clickable - even though it actually IS clickable and works as expected.

I think hovering over that text should get the same “hand” cursors as other clickable items on the page, such as the Abort, Pause, and Throttle Options elements.

What browser are you using?

Erm…good point. It would either have been Chrome or Firefox (latest version of either) on Windows 10. Most likely Chrome. Let me see if I can replicate it…

Yep, definitely happens for me in Chrome when I:

  1. Pause Duplicati
  2. Use Commandline to try and start a --test-filters command
  3. I get the “Server is currently paused, resume now” message with blue “resume now” but no hover effect

Ummm, not to got off-topic but now that I’ve moved away from the “Server is currently paused…” page, will the --test-filters fire when Duplicati is resumed (even though there’s no UI in which to display the results)?

I think so. There is no way to get the results though, because the result page has a randomly generated session id.

Closing as Solved now that code has been accepted into the master. Thanks! :slight_smile: