Send-mail-result-output-format not taking effect on one backup job

Hi guys,

I have one backup job amongst many others that will not accept the change of the following advanced option : send-mail-result-output-format

I have tried setting it to JSON ( which all my other jobs have on multiple sites ) but it still sends the Duplicati $_POST[‘message’] to my API.

This is so strange as all my other jobs have taken this setting, and work perfectly. The software version is the same amongst all machines currently ( )

Ultimately i am looking for a way how i can force this setting to become active on this backup Job, but would also like to know what may of caused this behaviour.

Other than the above i must say this is a great piece of software and commend you on all your hard work! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance Mat.

Could you clarify that please? The default --send-mail-result-output-format should be Duplicati, but Json can also be used, yet you had one ignored? I’m not sure what what $_POST['message'] or API are referring to. Normally (non-Json) what’s in the message body that’s sent to the mail server is defined by –send-mail-body

For the misbehaving job, does Json option look OK if you use the UI Commandline option to run the backup? You can even click “Edit as text” to delete it (and any surrounding whitespace) and retype it before running it.

You can export bad job as command line to run from a regular Command Prompt or shell to see how it works. You can export good and bad jobs, edit out all known-different text, then compare (fc, diff, etc.) what remains.

Hi @ts678,

Sorry for not replying earlier. Thanks for the tips, ( seems it was my mistake ) got it all working now. Thanks for your time in responding.

Kind Regards